Creating A New Neural Pathway
45 Day Challenge

Master Program for Success

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This is a small but powerful practice designed to SHOW YOURSELF that you can change. Choose a SMALL daily habit from the list below and commit to it for 45 days. Sign up here.

You'll be added to a chat on Instagram where you'll update the group with your progress and receive a daily reminder. Sign up to be alerted when the next challenge is scheduled. 


Flossing Teeth 

Drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day



Study a Language 





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New Neural PathwayKirsten Hurley
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The Creating a New Neural Pathway 45 Day Challenge Master Program for Success is offered FREE TO ALL. If you would like to offer a contribution, please TELL PEOPLE about this challenge!!! If you'd like to offer a testimonial, please email



"I have done four rounds of creating a new neural pathway, an inspiring process that has allowed me to create a holistic routine, one step at a time. I started with daily movement and am now working on daily meditation and writing. Kirsten has gently brought together and encouraged this incredibly uplifting and supportive community of folks that I'm not sure would have otherwise found each other."


"My favorite part of the day is the time spent on my neural pathway challenge because I get to focus on personal growth and creativity. I've found a ton of value in not only the positive creative results achieved from carving time everyday to devote to a specific activity, but also the inspiration and connection with other people who share their experience and accomplishments along the way."

Jeremy Rayburn

"Kirsten's innovative spirit is inspiring! I've signed up for a second round of the "Create a New Neural Pathway Challenge." The supportive group accountability has been incredibly helpful, especially during pandemic times."

Jen Berger

"Kirsten's New Neural Pathway Challenge was the only thing that got me back into my daily exercise practice. After years of my chronic pain keeping me from regular movement, the challenge gently eased me back in. Kirsten and the group offered kindness, celebration, and accountability in a way that felt supportive and fun. I highly recommend allowing this challenge to change your brain!"

Image by Olia Gozha

"I've participated in several 45 day sessions and what I love is the community of gentle accountability that is created. Everyone motivates each other to stick with it! Kirsten is supportive and keeps the morale high! Plus it has helped me find little pockets of time to prioritize self care, which is a blessing in this day and age."

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