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I used to think meditation was stupid and dumb because I found it boring and I wasn't good at it. 
I selected it as my first 45 day challenge because I could do it for just 5 minutes each day and that seemed super attainable. 

Flash to over a year later, and I'm still at it. Why? Because I see the benefits. 

It trains my brain to separate myself from my emotions. I am more able to see my emotions as the passing storms that they are, instead of as TRUTH

Meditation also trains me to pay more attention to my breathing- which really helps me with my fucking attitude. Specifically my patience and my anger.

It should be said, that even though it was just 5 minutes, I found it extremely challenging at first, to follow through with the daily commitment. I didn't see the benefit, and I found it to be extremely frustrating having so many constant thoughts. Guided meditations helped me through this. I used the free trial of the Waking Up app by Sam Harris, as well as an app called Insight. Both apps also have timers which are much better than an phone alarm. 

Adopt this habit for just 5 minutes a day.

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