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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I choose more than one habit at a time?

I don't recommend it. I've been running these challenges for over a year now- and the biggest reason that people drop out is by over committing. The key to this practice is to be humble enough to select one SMALL habit and just fucking nail it. 

I get it- when you have that energy and desire to change- you want to get it all done RIGHT NOW!!!! Feel free to do that on your own time- but for this challenge just select ONE SMALL habit from the list.

That being said- once you've integrated your chosen habit into your life- you can add another and another and another. 

Can I do something that's not on the list?

For the sake of unifying the group- please choose something from the list. But please reach out to me with your idea so that I can consider adding it to the program!

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What if I miss a day...or more?

Just cut your losses and get right back to it. One of the most important skills we can learn from this challenge is learning to keep trying...especially when we fuck up. It's often not the actual habit that's challenging to do-it's the learning to listen to ourselves that's challenging. So get right back to it!!!!!

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Can I skip a day if I promise to "make up for it" tomorrow?
No! Creating a new path in your brain requires DAILY maintenance. That being said, if you do miss a day, there's no harm in doing extra the next :)

How did the Creating a New Neural Pathway 45 Day Challenge Master Program for Success Start?
I started it in early 2021. I was inspired by the book, "Habits of a Happy Brain" by Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD. Once I started building new paths in my brain- I didn't want to stop!!! and I wanted to share this incredible practice with others. 


Is it hard to adopt a new habit?

The hardest part for me was teaching myself to listen to myself! So these challenges become less about the chosen habit, and more about the practice of learning to listen to myself. 

But it just gets easier and easier and easier and EASIER the more that I practice.

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