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How long are the model's poses?

The first half of class will be focused on gestures and shorter poses. 30 seconds-5 minutes, with the bulk being 60 second poses. 

The second half of class will be comprised of a few 15 minute poses, and a 20-25 minute pose. 

Do I need any prior experience to join the class?
No. We welcome students of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced artists. Keep in mind that there is no formal instruction, and make sure to familiarize yourself with the class guidelines.

What materials should I bring?
Bring a sketchbook and your preferred drawing medium. We offer newsprint paper that's particularly useful for gesture drawings. Additionally, we have pencils, charcoal, erasers, and a pencil sharpener available. It's nice to have your own sketchbook, but even if you arrive without your own supplies, you can still fully enjoy the class.

How long is each session?
Class will start promptly at 6:00. We will take a 10-15 minute break before 7. The model will be done posing at 7:55 and students will usually take a look at everyone else's work and mingle as they clean up. 

Can I drop in? Or do I need to sign up ahead of time?
Drop-ins are welcome. 

How is seating decided? 
Seating is first come first serve. Doors open at 5:45. Seats are guaranteed for the first 17 or so people. Standing room is available after that. So far, this has never been an issue. 

What if I have a pose request? 
Please talk to the instructor before the class, or during the break.  Emails are also welcome.

What are the General Guidelines?
Basically- safety and respect are our number one priority. Don't talk to the model while they are unclothed. Don't touch the model. Don't talk about the model. The list of class guidelines can be found here

Who is Kirsten Hurley?
Kirsten hosts these figure drawing classes. She is an artist, fitness guru, and behavior change expert. You might know her from her children's book, Ice Cream for ALL! She regularly runs free neural pathway challenges where you create a new path in your brain by adopting a very small habit. You're invited. Sign up. 

How long has this figure drawing class been going on? 
Since April 2022. We did our first year drawing from clothed models, until we got blessed with big felt dividers that make the space private. 

Do you need models?
Demand is plenty! But, reach out!

Do you ever do a class with just gestures? Or longer poses?
We will consider either based on demand. Shoot me an email.

I have a different question!
Email Kirsten at:

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