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Figure Drawing Guidelines

In our figure drawing class, safety and respect are paramount. These guiding principles ensure a comfortable and professional environment for both students and models, fostering a focused and productive artistic experience. Participants are expected to fully comply with these essential guidelines. Being in this class is a privilege not a guaranteed right.

1.Do not engage in any conversation with the model while they are unclothed. Under no circumstances should you touch the model.

2. Do not make comments about the model. This includes but is not limited to comments of their gender, race, or body type.

3. Photography of the model is strictly prohibited.

4. Do not tag the model in any social media posts. If the model so requests, you may share images of art with them.

5. No drugs or alcohol. 

6. Any questions or requests should be brought to the attention of the instructor during the break. Anything concerning should be brought up immediately.

7. Aim to be punctual. Class will start on time. Seating is first come first serve. Doors at 5:45.

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