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Short stories

Every month I put out an illustrated short story for the adult public.


It's disturbingly psychological, painfully poetic, nasty, and deeply funny.

but there's not enough room for everyone...

If you want to gain access to this content you will have to submit this  form. A member from our team will get back to you with a few follow up questions. Depending on your eligibility, you will gain access to the files.

Please, please do not contact me directly about this opportunity. I will not be responding to any inquiries whatsoever regarding this. 

Especially not begging. Please stop, you're embarrassing yourself. And you're annoying me and wasting my time. 

Just fill out the form and await a reply. Then respond to the follow up questions. And. If. You. Are. Eligible. We. Will. Let. You. Know.

End of Story.


We'll be in touch.

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