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So, the robots are here. Are we gonna talk about it?

This is an exploratory, interest-driven think tank where we investigate new artificial intelligence technologies by experimenting, having fun, and reflecting. 

The workshop will culminate in a public symposium, where we will publicly  present our discoveries in a panel discussion. 

This is a multigenerational subject to explore. You do not need to like the idea of artifical intellegence or be good at using computers.

All ages and skill levels welcome. 

5 Weeks/ $125

August 1-29

Thursdays 7:30-9:00

Symposium August 29 7:00-10:00

Burlington or Winooski Location tbd

Materials: Laptop, Tablet, &/or Smart Phone and
$20-50 petty cash to use for apps.

Enrollment by July 22


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