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Totem for Strength Journal

Totem for Strength Journal


This is a limited release journal offered as a benefit to support my aunt Johanna, who is enduring health complications, and dealing with medical debt. 

This drawing is a totem for strength. Something that reminds us that life is hard and we can handle it.

The angel indicates our higher self, positioned at the top to act as a north star, reminding us that we can choose to be a light in the dark.

At the center, the waves signify that everything is change and turbulance. It reminds us that change is a non-negotiable part of life, one that that doesn't disprupt our center or our upward trajectory. It reminds us to focus on strengthening our ability to adapt.

The intertwining snakes represent the union of opposites reminding us of the importance of embracing differences and integrating with them while maintaining our individuality and living in harmony. It's in this intertwining where we create the ladder for ascencion. Through accepting that we are not individually complete, shedding our old skin, and emulsifying with another, we even create a third color. Reminding us that paradox is real, love is the answer, and the importance of constantly regenerating and renewing.

Printed on  Matte premium paper and Framed. 

We will be unable to offer refunds. 

Please note, that there is a cost associated with this (about $6 for production and 11 for shipping...i'm using printify), so your contribution will be the remainder after that's paid. Feel free to donate more on her Go Fund Me:

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Height, in 8.07 8.07 8.07 8.07
Width, in 5.12 5.12 5.12 5.12
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