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Canceling Cancel Culture: Here's How

By Brenda Booblay for Salacious Gossip

In today’s world, where the impulse to cancel and silence is rampant, we must not forget the transformative power of deep listening, especially towards those we fundamentally disagree with. "Darkness cannot survive in the light," says Kirsten Hurley, author of the upcoming book, "Holy Hospitality." By opening our ears and hearts, we create an opportunity for change, understanding, and mutual growth.

Cancel culture has become a prevalent force, quick to shut down and ostracize individuals for their beliefs and opinions. However, Kirsten Hurley challenges us to think differently. "We can't change other people by pretending they don't exist. But we can learn something if we listen to things we don't agree with," she states. This approach fosters an environment of respect and empathy, rather than hostility and defensiveness.

Deep listening is a practice rooted in respect, empathy, and the willingness to understand. "Listening to someone doesn't mean that you agree with them," Hurley reminds us. "But it does give people the opportunity to change their mind." By engaging in respectful dialogue, we create an opportunity for healing and change, both for the individual and for society as a whole.

"Wrong thinking comes from pain and obstruction from the truth," Hurley explains. By bringing beliefs into the open through dialogue, we expose them to scrutiny, creating a space for transformation. Furthermore, she emphasizes that "our great truth is that we all have something to teach each other, even when we don't like what we hear."

Treating others with respect, even when we disagree, increases the likelihood that they will be open to change. "When you treat them with respect, that's more likely," Hurley asserts. By listening deeply, we foster an environment of mutual respect and open-mindedness, where change is possible, and healing can begin.

In conclusion, Kirsten Hurley’s insights remind us that the path to a more compassionate and understanding society lies in our ability to listen and engage with those we disagree with. It is through this practice of deep listening and respectful dialogue that we can transform our world, fostering an environment of healing, understanding, and mutual growth.

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