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Kirsten Hurley University (KHU) embodies a commitment to nurturing personal development and imparting transformative teachings designed to cultivate the revolution of the individual. Rooted in principles holistic well-being, our ethos integrates spiritual and material realms, as well as the harmony between mind and body. KHU advocates for the notion that discipline fosters freedom, prioritizing each individual's journey toward self-actualization as integral to collective progress. 

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Located in Burlington, VT, the Vermont Conservatory of Drawing serves as an extension of Kirsten Hurley University, prioritizing in-person drawing experiences and community building. Embracing drawing as both personal expression and a means of connection, our conservatory provides immersive opportunities for artists to engage deeply with their craft. From studio sessions to outdoor sketching, students at the Vermont Conservatory of Drawing cultivate their skills while forging lasting connections within our vibrant artistic community.

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