Ice Cream for all!

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Ice Cream for ALL! is a children's book featuring 26 illustrations of animals (A-Z) with ice cream. 

Critics are saying:

Rachel Lindsay

Author and Illustrator of the Graphic Memoir, RX

"Ice Cream for All is the best children's book I've read in years. The illustrations pop with energy, and are just generally so clever. You could spend a long time on every image, discovering it's genius. I can see this being a real hit with kids! The characters and scenes are so fun. I wouldn't want to learn the alphabet any other way! Plenty of fun to be had reading this book. I appreciate it more every time I read it!"


Natalie Miller


Co-Owner of Vermont Comedy Club

"This book is awesome! I bought three to give as gifts and they were all really well received. A+++++"

Beth Valyou

"Ice Cream For All has been a HUGE hit in our household! My 4-year old son loves naming all the animals, and my 8-year old son loves the subtle humor throughout the book (especially the sparring cats!) I keep going back & looking through the book because Hurley’s intricate drawings are both comical and beautiful. Ice Cream For All is a wonderful addition to our family library, and we can’t recommend it enough!"