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Ice Cream for ALL! is a children's book featuring 26 magical illustrations of animals (A-Z) with ice cream. 



"Ice Cream for All is the best children's book I've read in years. The illustrations pop with energy, and are just generally so clever. You could spend a long time on every image, discovering it's genius. I can see this being a real hit with kids! The characters and scenes are so fun. I wouldn't want to learn the alphabet any other way! Plenty of fun to be had reading this book. I appreciate it more every time I read it!" 

 Rachel Lindsay

Author and Illustrator of the Graphic Memoir, RX




"This book is awesome! I bought three to give as gifts and they were all really well received. A+++++"

Natalie Miller
Co-Owner of Vermont Comedy Club

White Theme Bouquet

"Ice Cream For All has been a HUGE hit in our household! My 4-year old son loves naming all the animals, and my 8-year old son loves the subtle humor throughout the book (especially the sparring cats!) I keep going back & looking through the book because Hurley’s intricate drawings are both comical and beautiful. Ice Cream For All is a wonderful addition to our family library, and we can’t recommend it enough!"

Beth Valyou

Holy Hospitality is a front of house instruction manual for restaurant industry professionals that integrates the sacred and the practical. 

Release Date: 2025

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