My grandmother, Geri Librizzi, was an incredible artist and cook. She kept a detailed recipe file. 

Here's a slideshow of her recipes I illustrated:

I also designed these icons for CO:

Pretty in Pink Kirsten Hurley.png
Punk Watermelons Kirsten Hurley.png
Lettering for Taco Gordo.JPG

This is an example of what my super sick lettering looks like when it's embroidered on a super sick hat.

Dumber-the-Better-Glitch-Animation (1).g

I created this incredible logo and glitch animation for a production company that I one day hope to see to fruition...

My first production would be a matchmaking TV show called "Heart On- the hit television show about love"

Heart On.gif

 Kirsten Hurley & Luna Colt


Designed this ridiculous

t-shirt for Vermont Comedy Club. The perfect souvenir for 2020. You should get one because life is ridiculous.

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This company pretends to sell smut but they secretly indoctrinate you with philosophical and psychological power.

I made this beautiful logo.

Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg

Some designs I did for Misery Loves Co.:

T-Shirt Design

The Great Crab Boil of 2018.jpg


Seven Days Ad

Misery Loves Co Seven Days Ad.jpg
Misery & Shacksbury.jpg

Here's some graphics from:

Alone Together Dance Party 2020 

Alone together 2.gif
Alone Together.gif