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With a passion for creativity and a focus on pushing boundaries, I bring my unique style to every custom mural I create. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or a subtle accent, you'll love the way my work brings life to your space, and a smile to your face.


"We recently renovated our house and Kirsten Hurley's mural in our son's room is truly our favorite part of the new home! If you are thinking about having a mural in, on, or around your home or office, you should talk to Kirsten immediately. Kirsten took us through the entire creative process, which included a brainstorming phase followed by design drafts. Kirsten was very detailed in listening to our evolving vision and capturing our thoughts and characters into her creation. She was also very efficient in the drawing and painting itself; we were amazed with how quickly we were able to enjoy our mural. The outcome is a personal, touching, and beautiful piece that is the highlight of our home and which we spend time soaking up every day. We highly recommend Kirsten as an artist and specifically the mural format as a unique and special addition to your home!"
-Kirsten Collins & Maximilian Hurd 

Untitled_Artwork 1.jpg
co mural cat that had too much in color.jpg

"Kirsten manages our Social Media and marketing for both locations, and I can't say enough great things about the work she does. She breathes life and personality into our social media presence in a way that is authentic, fun and hilarious. In addition, she has painted several murals at the restaurant. Her work is remarkable, and the process is easy and collaborative."

-Charlie Sizemore, Taco Gordo & Taco Gordo

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